A la plage

Le petit John est occupé à jouer au bord de la mer.Sa grand-mère le surveille.
- Ne t'éloigne pas, lui dit sa grand-mère, ces vagues ne me plaisent pas.
Et tout d'un coup une vague emporte le gamin au large.
- Ah, mon Dieu, pauvre petit Johno ! Sauve-le mon Dieu ! Que va dire ma fille ?
Et elle se met à prier. Sur ce, arrive une autre vague et le petit John revient sur la plage sain et sauf.
- Ah, merci mon Dieu !
La grand-mère regarde le gamin et s'adresse de nouveau au ciel.
- Pardon mon Dieu, mais avant de tomber à l'eau le petit portait une casquette et des lunettes de soleil !

Voyager en bus. 24 nov.

Dans un autobus bondé, à l'heure de pointe, un passager remarqua que l'homme assis en face de lui avait les yeux fermés."Vous vous sentez bien ?"lui demanda-t-il."Oh oui"répondit l'homme. " C'est juste que je ne supporte pas de voir les femmes debout."

In a crowded bus at the rush hour a passenger noticed that the man sitting opposite him had his eyes closed. "Do you feel all riright?" he asked. "Oh yes" replied the other, "It's just that I hate to see ladies standing"

DIY is a very wide subject. 24 nov.

This is the reason why it can remind you something either you are handy or not really.
  • I've always loved making things by hand but I also have to think about it before trying. I've tried lots of different DIY. It can take me months or even years before trying a new one. Sometimes it's a real failure but others it goes far beyond my expectations.
  • When I was a kid, my mother taught me basic techniques of sewing ; very simple ones useful in everyday life. After that, I nearly didn't use them until about 10 years ago when I got my grandma's sewing machine. I began to sew cushion covers and I've never stopped sewing till then. I'm now able to sew shirts or baby sleeping bags.
  • I also helped my husband to renew our house. We've taken off the wallpaper, put new ones, painted the walls. We also changed the floor in some rooms. We are far from being experts but we progress little by little.
  • The Internet provides us with countless tips or ideas. I saw that some people were renovating Voltaire armchairs. I found it great and it stood in the back of my mind for several years before I had enough self confidence to try one. I eventually thought I would learn something even if I failed. After hours and hours of work on the armchair, I was proud of it. I changed the fabric of the seat. It's not perfect but looks really nice. After this first try, I did a second one on which I also painted the wood before changing the fabric. And now I'm working on the third one.
  • In a nutshell, we can say that « WHERE THERE IS A WILL,THERE IS A WAY ». You can start with tiny projects and with will and curiosity you can progress little by little to more substantial projects. It is true for DIY but also in a lot of domains such as cooking or learning a new language... Anne-Gaëlle 17 nov.

Une petite histoire que nous traduirons ensemble

Paul vit dans la rue quelqu'un qu'il prit pour son ami John.
- "John, dit-il, qu'est-ce qui t'est arrivé ? Tu étais gros et maintenant tu es mince. Tu avais des cheveux et maintenant tu es chauve. Tu voyais parfaitement et maintenant tu portes des lunettes. "
L'homme, étonné, regarde Paul :"Ecoutez monsieur, je ne m'appelle pas John, je m'appelle Jeff."
- "Oh ! s'exclama Paul. Tu as aussi changé de nom."

Un joli texte sur un vieux langage écossais appelé Lallans. Transmis par Eléonore

The language of central and lowland Scotland is called Lallans! Here is a very short poem written in Lallans! It is by the poet Hugh Macdiarmid.
I met ayont the cairney
A lass wi tousie hair
Singin till a bairnie
That was nae langer there
Wunds wi warlds to swing
Dinna sing sae sweet
The licht that bends owre aa things
Is less ta’en up wi’it!
Derrière un tas de pierres au sommet d’une colline
J’ai rencontré une jeune fille aux cheveux ébouriffés.
Elle chantait pour un bébé qui n’était plus là.
Les vents cosmiques qui font tourner les planètes
Ne chantent pas si doucement
Et la lumière céleste qui se penche sur tout
Est moins puissante que cette fille triste!

About cheese
Groupe 2. Nous avons eu un échange très intéressant au sujet de cheese. Cheese peut-il avoir un pluriel ?
Patricia et Rob sont d'accord pour dire non. En anglais cheese sera toujours au singulier.
Rob Coppinger nous donne ces exemples :
- I like lots of cheese.
- I have tried all sorts of cheese.
- How many kind of cheese do you have in France ?
Patricia Thompson fait une seule petite exception dans la phrase suivante :
- You have a good selection of cheeses.
La discussion reste ouverte pour ceux qui veulent prendre un autre petit morceau de fromage.

Notre ami John Shute qui constate que l'anglais évolue constammment nous offre ces deux possibiltés :
- Gloucester is famous for cheese.
- Gloucester is famous for its cheeses.

At the restaurant
The waiter says to a customer :
- Listen Sir, I do think it is no use to bring you the menu. We have two menus : the first one is 25€, the second one is 20€.
- And what is the difference ?
- What a question ! Five euros.

Spring is more than just a season, it is also a verb that means “to rise, leap, move” (In the morning I spring out of bed as soon as I open my eyes), or to describe “an object being released from a constrained position” (When I finally managed to open the jammed utensil drawer, my spatula sprang out). It can also be used when talking about a body of water (We went to the hot springs during our holyday. 25th of march